Friday, December 4, 2015

Pudge On A Barrel

One of the worst ideas to come out of the trading card industry in the last 25 or so years (my humble opinion of course) are those super-duper, extra thick, damn near impossible to store cards like this...

...but ya gotta love it. Especially when it has the signature of one of the best catchers to ever put on the "tools of ignorance". This is the first Pudge signature in my collection, coming out of the '04 UD Sweet Spot set. Unfortunately, these always seem to be extra condition sensitive and chip pretty easily as evidenced by this LCS dollar box pickup. 

Now to figure out how the heck to display or store it.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Serial For Breakfast

The card company executive that thought up the idea of making very limited edition trading cards and putting serial numbers on them is a bona fide genius. Let's face it, getting a card with a serial number makes the average collector feel like part of an exclusive club. You know like a rich person who buys expensive art, cars, watches etc. Well, maybe not at quite that level, but you know the type of people I'm talking about. My point is that serial numbering (especially low print runs) make a low budget collector, such as myself, feel like a Trump or Buffett or Gates.

This morning, I thought I'd serve up some cereal serial for breakfast. These gems were in the 10 for 25 dollar box at my LCS.

2006 Turkey Red "Red" Hideki Matsui 023/150

Nice swatch with a pinstripe, and only 149 other collectors can have this beauty too!
Next up:

2010 Silk Livan Hernandez 25/50

OK. So it's just one of those contrived "manufactured" things from Topps. Still, only 49 other lucky folks can have the joy of one of these.
Moving right along:

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Connor Jackson...dig that crazy low number...06/15!

Now we're really talking about getting up there in the rarefied collecting air. Only 14 of our fellow collectors can claim to have one of these.
Finally, let's wrap this up with something that drives some collectors wild:

2008 Upper Deck Premier Ben Sheets

Now that's a prime example of the ever-popular "eBay 1 of 1" syndrome (as I like to call it). The serial on this quad-swatch baby is 01/15 [editor note: sorry for the poor scan-this one was slightly chipped and didn't want to punish it any further]. Once again, only 14 other long-suffering collectors will ever own a copy of this one.
Wow. I feel like I'm in the penthouse now.
Thanks for being here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Giving A Thank You And The Winds Of Change

Before I get the focus of this post started, I need to send a thank you to the incomparable Brad, from the always entertaining Brad's Blog.  A recent giveaway post was offered up and, like many others, I accepted eagerly. 

What arrived at my mailbox a few days later just blew my socks off. The darn thing was absolutely chock full of Cardinals.

That was one hell of a package, Brad. Many thanks to you sir and I hope your impending change of address goes well!

The great Sam Cooke once sang a great song about change, way back before I was even a glimmer in my parents eyes.

 One very inspiring song, wouldn't you agree?

Well my friends there comes a time when changes must be made. For me, those changes include working on becoming a better blogger in the coming year and becoming a smarter collector as well.

Now you may have noticed that all of my previous posts and pages have disappeared. No, don't panic. I'm not getting out of collecting, nor am I closing down this blog. Quite simply, the urge to change things up smacked me upside the head quite suddenly today, and I thought "what the heck, let's change things up a bit!".

So, here I am. Looking for a new direction and trying to decide what I really want to say to the collecting world. 

Haven't quite figured it all out yet, but I'm sure a fresh start will be a good thing. Hope you'll find my new efforts worthwhile.

Thanks for sticking around.