Monday, April 18, 2016

Philadelphia Football From The Shoebox

Now that I've been sucked back in to this cruel and unusual hobby, time to get down to brass tacks and show off some of the junk great stuff that found a home here with me. Tonight's exciting episode stars some Hall of Fame NFL guys.

This was part of last weeks local buy/sell FaceBook post that I responded to, and in the process, grabbed a very large shoe box of vintage baseball & football.

Literally! I'm not kidding - here's a picture of the shoe box in question:

Most of the football cards were 1966 Philadelphia, which is pretty sweet because I've always wanted to complete all of the '66 sports card sets (my birth year). With this one purchase, I now own exactly 1/2 of this set - 99 of 198. So lemme show some cardboard!

First up, legendary Packer Bart Starr. Bart has a pretty nasty crease and a whole lot of banged up corners, but is still pretty sweet.

Next, a very nice Jim Brown. A little OC but not quite as banged up as Bart.

Finishing up with the "Kansas Comet" Gale Sayers. Another well loved card.

Amazing that a random find yielded a great haul of Hall of Famer cards from a set that, until now, I never thought I'd be building.

Thanks for coming by.


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